Ron SorinBorn in Chicago, Ron caught the blues bug at an early age. Determined to hear the music played live, he grew a moustache and with a fake ID started going to Chicago blues clubs to listen to the likes of Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Big Walter, Junior Wells, and James Cotton. His first professional gig was with Big Moose Walker while still a teen, and he has been playing harp and weaving his way through the Chicago blues scene ever since. Ron has worked with numerous blues artists such as Johnny Littlejohn, Bo Diddley, Hubert Sumlin, Willie Kent, Pinetop Perkins, Gloria Hardiman and Dietra Farr to name just a few.  Ron has also recorded with several Chicago blues men including Bob Stroger, James Wheeler, Ken Saydak, and Steve Freund. He was a founding member of the popular American roots band Big Shoulders who received crossover attention from their two CDs on Rounder Records.  Ron has an individual style anchored in traditional blues but at times seamlessly straddles the line between straight blues and other roots influences. He has released his first solo CD "Lake City", with the majority of the songs self penned. Joining him are a host of top notch musicians and friends: Tad Robinson, Harlan Terson, Mark Skyer, Mark Wydra, Marty Binder, Ken Saydak, John Brumbach, James Wheeler, and Pete Benson.

 "Lake City" is now available HERE.


2014- Steve Freund & Gloria Hardiman, Set Me Free, (Delmark DE 837)

2014-Brian Carpy, Rockin' Bollocks

2011-Ron Sorin, Lake City (Big Lake Records)

2008-Various, 25 Years Of Chicago Piano, Vol. 3 (Viola 5233)

2002-Bob Stroger,  In The House: Live At Lucerne, Vol. 1 (Crosscut 11065)

2002-Jim Kahr, Incredibly Live! (Acoustic 227067)

2001-Ken Saydak, Love Without Trust (Delmark DE 751)

2000-James Wheeler, Can't Take It (Delmark DE 743)

1999-Various,  Earwig 20th Anniversary Collection (Earwig CD 4946)

1999-Liz Mandville Greeson Ready To Cheat (Earwig CD 4945)

1999-Ken Saydak, Foolish Man (Delmark DE 725)

1995-Jim Kahr, Back To Chicago (Acoustic 31911012)

1992-Various Artists, Texas Harmonica Rumble (New Rose 5103)

1991-Big Shoulders, Nickel History (Rounder CD 9025)

1990-Big Shoulders, Big Shoulders (Rounder CD 9023)

1986-Steve Freund, Romance Without Finance (Red Beans RB 001)

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